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Researchers say gun violence is like a online article disease — and that we have the tools to stop it. Sign up for online article Launch List! On December 5,join us as we set sail for 15 days aboard our privately chartered cruise ship.

The Science of Gun Violence Researchers say gun violence is like a preventable disease — and that we have the tools to stop it, online article. Full Moon 'Lunacy'. Visit Florida Reconnect with nature, online article. Goosebumps Why we get the tiny dots on our skin. Join us! Food Cravings Why you suddenly want ice cream.

Death Genes They come alive after we die. Lucid Dreams Are there pills for that? Probiotics Do they help or not? Wormholes If they're real, could we travel through them? Save the Microbes Preserving our microbial diversity. Pointing Babies The gesture has an unexpected basis. The Crux. Body Horrors. Citizen Science Salon. Dead Things. Lovesick Cyborg. Out There, online article. Science Sushi. Seriously, Science? Field Notes. Could We Online article Through a Wormhole?

Do Probiotics Really Work? Flex your cortex with Discover. Discover Magazine on Facebook Discover Magazine. Opportunity's Finest Moments on Mars. Apollo 8: Humanity's First Trip to the Moon. At the Cutting Edge of Plant Science. Photos Podcasts RSS. Follow us:. More great sites from Kalmbach Media:.

Follow Discovermag. Featured The online article stories from Discovermagazine. Served Raw Seriously, Science? Serious ly silly science Field Notes Our correspondents cover science as it happens.


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