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Theses/Dissertations from Mendez-Gallardo, Valerie (), Opioid mediated behavioral effects and learning in the neonatal rat: comparison between amniotic fluid and milk. Mar 20,  · Latest Psychology Dissertation Examples. Fear of Failure and Perfectionism in Young Adults Published: Wed, 20 Mar Extract: Fear of Failure and Perfectionism are related to achievement motivation. When an individual is motivated to achieve something, he aims to be perfect. This collection contains some of the theses and dissertations produced by students in the University of Oregon Psychology Graduate Program. Paper copies of these and other dissertations and theses are available through the UO Libraries.

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The role of autobiographical memory in competence need satisfactionAdrienne Austin. An investigation of forgiveness in an honor cultureVanessa A. Effect of spatial and non-spatial changes on perceived self-locationLucia Annaleigh Cherep.

Victims as aggressors: Does victim-bystander status influence eyewitness decision-making in showup procedures? Emotion socialization and psychological distress: The mediating roles of emotion recognition and emotion regulationMadelyne Losby.

Does racial identity explain the buffering impact of racial socialization on discrimination? The non-specificity of prosopagnosia: Can prosopagnosics psychology dissertation examples sheep? Training reduces the drawing detriments associated with categorical perceptionLarissa F. Undergraduate research training environments: Impact on research self-efficacy, psychology dissertation examples, perceived utility of research, and willingness to engage in research post-graduationKaitlyn Burke.

Can multiple-choice testing potentiate new learning for text passages? A meta-cognitive approach to understanding the forward testing effectSara Dawn Davis. Dumb and dumber: Stereotype perceptions at the intersection of race and athletic statusCaitlin Erdman.

Prosocial aggression: Validation of a behavioral measure and modelChristopher Lee Groves. Belief perseverance: The staying power of confession evidenceCurt More.

Developmental variation in the amygdala: Normative pathways across puberty and stress-linked deviationsJustin D. The role of parental stigma on self-stigma and help-seeking intentions: Differences between Asian, Asian American, and Caucasian American populationsSpurty Surapaneni. Intent to engage in therapeutic lifestyle changes: Impact of an intervention, self-efficacy expectations, outcome expectations, and locus of controlKaitlyn Van Pay.

From attitude to intent to action: Predictors of psychological help-seeking behavior among clinically distressed adultsRachel Lori Bitman-Heinrichs. The distinct relationships of self-compassion and self-coldness with psychological distress and mental well-beingRachel Elizabeth Brenner, psychology dissertation examples.

Measuring aggressive driving motivations: Instrument development and validation psychology dissertation examples, Ashley Buller. Couples social support quality in the context of dyadic emotional experiencesFrederick Clavel.

Negation-induced forgetting: Is there a consequence to saying "no"? Would disfluency by any other name still be disfluent? Examining the boundary conditions of the disfluency effectJason Geller.

Reasonable or restrictive? Mindfulness as a moderator of reactance to environmental messagesAnne Danielle Herlache, psychology dissertation examples. Dyadic analyses of daily interactions: Effects of perceived social support and social control on physical activity behaviorMelissa A. Psychology dissertation examples judge a book by its author: Central and peripheral processing psychology dissertation examples narrative persuasionKelly Ann Kane.

Evaluating the potential roles of body dissatisfaction in exercise avoidanceKimberly Rae More. The use of filler samples moderates the effect of contextual information on forensic match decisionsAdele Quigley-McBride. The effects of prequestions on classroom learningShuhebur Rahman. Predicting academic major satisfaction using environmental factors and self-determination theoryMary Catherine Schenkenfelder. The effect of egocentric and environmental cues on macro-reference frame selectionZachary Daniel Siegel.

Psychometric evaluation of the Simulator Sickness Questionnaire as a measure of cybersicknessWilliam B. Stone Iii. How to engage European-American participants in racial dialogue: The role of dialogue structure and mixed race psychology dissertation examplesMeredith Tittler. Acculturative stress, meaning-in-life, collectivistic coping, and subjective well-being among Chinese international students: A moderated mediation modelFei Yi.

The self-distracting mind in the digital age: Investigating the influence of a brief mindfulness intervention on mind wanderingCaglar Yildirim. The effects of moral disengagement and avatar identification on player experience of guiltJohnie Joe Allen. The relationship between congruent dimensions of the self and nostalgiaAdrienne Austin. Interpersonal risk factors, shame, and depression among Asian Americans: A longitudinal study of perfectionistic family discrepancy and self-compassion as moderatorsStephanie Carrera.

A cross-cultural comparison of responses to true accusations and the role of honor valuesCeren Gunsoy. Aggressiveness and sleep: People with quick tempers and less anger control have objectively worse sleep qualitypsychology dissertation examples, Garrett Hisler.

Dialectical relationship thinking: examination of partner evaluation and partner knowledge organization across culturesChun Pan Lam. Reducing barriers to psychotherapy via an online self-affirmation interventionDaniel G. The use of a self-affirmation intervention to increase the psychological help-seeking behavior of student VeteransAndrew Seidman.

Bayesian integration of spatial navigation cuesLori Ann Sjolund. Does access to external storage lead to less emphasis on learning? Effects of stereotypical media representations of American Indians on implicit and explicit bias: the power of Pocahontaspsychology dissertation examples, Haley A. Social comparison: dimensional influences on academic and cccupational choiceElizabeth M.

Modeling cohesion change in group psychotherapy: the influence of group leader behaviors and client characteristicsJeritt Ross Tucker. To deny psychology dissertation examples to confess: An interrogation decision-making modelYueran Yang. Overprivileged, self-absorbed, dumb jocks: exploration of stereotypes of student-athletesCaitlin Caprice Anderson.

Adjustment to the dissolution of a romantic relationship: effects of ex-relationship specific thought content valenceRachel E. The right attitude: gender, conservatism, and career choiceMegan Norene Callahan, psychology dissertation examples. Testing ratings of violent video games: how well do they measure up? Sociocultural influences, body dissatisfaction, and disordered eating among European American and Chinese female college studentsYi Du. The impact of self-efficacy, stigma, subjective distress, and practical psychology dissertation examples affecting clients' intent to "no-show"Kaitlyn J.

Science denial as intergroup conflict: using social identity theory, intergroup emotions theory and intergroup threat theory to explain angry denial of sciencepsychology dissertation examples, Sara Prot. Improving distance perception in virtual realityZachary Daniel Siegel. Pre-feedback eyewitness statements: proposed safeguard against feedback effects on evaluations of eyewitness testimonyLaura Smalarz. Psychological distress and attitudes toward seeking help for personal and career counseling: the contributions of public and self-stigmaPsychology dissertation examples Surapaneni.

Effects of expectancy and agency on the feedback-related negativityStephen J. Does categorical perception interfere with drawing accuracy?

Examination of an emotion-focused therapy intervention to promote self-forgiveness for interpersonal offensesMarilyn Ann Cornish. When Lady Luck cheats on youOmesh Johar. Facebook and romantic relationships: A daily diary analysisMelissa A.

Does approach motivation account for the impact of locomotion on positive affect? System justification, work ethic, and just-world beliefs: A motivated reasoning perspectiveRenee Murray.

Occupational knowledge in college students: Examining relations to career certainty, career decision-making self-efficacy, and interest congruenceKathryn M. Incongruence psychology dissertation examples attitudes toward career counselingSara Schwatken. Cue integration and competition during navigationLori Ann Sjolund. Bluffed by the dealer: Distinguishing false pleas from false confessionsMiko M.

Exploring the origin of pain of payment in cash and its psychology dissertation examples to computer payment interfaceKam Leung Yeung. Ethical judgments of deception in psychological researchPaul Lawrence Ascheman.

Evaluation of sign language learning tools: Understanding features for improved collaboration and communication between a parent and a childMelissa Burton. Urban forecast: An analysis of a crowdsourced mobile app for crisis managementJose Camou. Bicultural competence as a mediator and moderator of acculturative family distancing and psychological outcomesStephanie Carrera. Can interpolated testing reduce retrieval-induced forgetting?

Lesbian and bisexual women's experiences with dating and romantic relationships during adolescenceIndria Michelle Jenkins, psychology dissertation examples. Testing can enhance or reduce suggestibility: The importance of contextual detail during misinformation exposureJessica Ann LaPaglia. Ability assessment and vocational outcomes: the impact of utilizing an ability measure in predicting choice, aspirations, and satisfactionpsychology dissertation examples, Wyndolyn M A Ludwikowski.

Delaying feedback is beneficial, but only when curious about the answerKellie Marie Mullaney. Religious and spiritual issues in group counseling: Beliefs and preferences of university counseling center clients and therapistsBrian Christopher Post. What would my avatar do? Video games and risky decision makingKira Bailey. Understanding differences in leadership interest and confidenceDustin Forrest Baker, psychology dissertation examples.

Re-appraising the situation and its impact on aggressive behavior: Theoretical and applied implicationsChristopher Paul Barlett. Compensation's effect on risk perception in behavioral genetic researchZachary Robert Batchelder. Bicultural competence and education among LatinoRaquel Botello Zamarron. Advanced Search.

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psychology dissertation examples


Cognitive Psychology Dissertation Topics. Cognitive Psychology can be defined as the study of mental processes such as thinking, creativity, problemsolving, perception, memory, language use, and attention through neuropsychology, computer modelling and experimentation. Cognitive psychologists are primarily responsible to investigate the way human brain absorbs and interprets information at both . Mar 20,  · Latest Psychology Dissertation Examples. Fear of Failure and Perfectionism in Young Adults Published: Wed, 20 Mar Extract: Fear of Failure and Perfectionism are related to achievement motivation. When an individual is motivated to achieve something, he aims to be perfect. This collection contains some of the theses and dissertations produced by students in the University of Oregon Psychology Graduate Program. Paper copies of these and other dissertations and theses are available through the UO Libraries.